Simmakers Project Approved by Skolkovo Experts

Jan 16, 2014


Expert Commission of the Skolkovo innovation center approves an investment state-of-the-art project by Simmakers Ltd 

Simmakers Ltd received high appraisal from the Expert Commission of the Skolkovo innovation center in Russia for the project Software for Modeling of the Thermal, Mechanical, and Metallurgical Processes during Heat Treatment using Parallel Computing Technology. The evaluation report was conducted by eight independent international experts, who returned a high score of 47 out of 48 possible points for the project. 

The project was judged on the basis of the following criteria:

1) Innovativeness of the project
2) Competitive advantages of the proposed technology over all known international competitors
3) High commercialization potential of the proposed project on the Russian and international markets
4) The theoretical possibility of project implementation and its conformity to fundamental scientific principles
5) The skills and experience of the project team for successful project implementation
6) International experience of the project team in the area of research, development and commercialization of its results.

About Skolkovo

The Skolkovo innovation center (sometimes referred to as the Russian Silicon Valley) is a high technology business complex in Skolkovo near Moscow, Russia. Its strategic goal is to concentrate international intellectual capital, and stimulate the development of ground-breaking projects and technologies.