The Simmakers САЕ Platform is aimed at creating software systems for performing numerical simulations of different physical and technological processes and their 3D visualization.

A number of libraries and algorithms, implemented in the software platform, address the following issues:


  • 3D design of geometric objects
  • 3D mesh creation
  • Initial and boundary conditions input and editing
  • Visualization of scalar and vector quantities in the form of color distribution and isolines
  • System and arbitrary units input with automatic conversion
  • Graph dependence creation
  • File reading with geometric data in various formats

Use Cases

CAE Platform Functionality

Applying Microsoft .NET mechanisms platform allows us to load development environment aimed at creating and simulating computational objects in 2D and 3D.

The object graphics editor provides the following functionality:

  • Creation, editing and affine transformations of any 2D geometric figure.
  • Loading and image scaling as a background.
  • Site building by isolines, boreholes and cross-sections in case of geological objects simulation.
  • 3D objects creation with the use of interpolation / extrapolation, triangulation and specialized algorithms of building 3D object by projections.
  • Means for displaying lists of created elements and their properties as a set of separate windows.
Features of the development environment for 3D geometry
  • Affine transformations of any 3D geometry (jointly and separately).
  • Import of external geometries of known CAD formats.
  • Analysis of faces, edges and correctness of geometric figures.
  • Selection of faces and geometric shapes to define the initial conditions and boundary conditions.
  • Color and transparency management of any geometrical shape.
  • Means of navigation and control of geometry properties through special windows.

Simmakers CAE Platform provides a single mechanism of creating projects, saving platform states, and data post-processing.

Additional controls that are available in the platform allow one to display different types of graphic dependencies and create windows that contain output area of 3D graphics. These features are available to all external connecting modules.

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