Thermosim software allows the user to determine optimal quenching parameters (heating and cooling rates, curing time in the heating and cooling medium) for obtaining the desired hardness and phase structure of the work piece.

It offers the following main features:

  • 3D simulation of temperature fields, stresses, and deformation;
  • Computer simulation of phase structure and hardness formation;
  • Consideration of stresses relaxation and the influence of phase structure on thermophysical properties in the computational process;
  • Prediction of crack formations.


The following are initial data for simulation processes:

  • 3D geometry of the part;
  • thermophysical properties of the part material;
  • diagram of phase transformations of the part material;
  • parameters of quenching mode.

Import of the following geometric data formats is supported: OBJ, STL, OUT, T9, mphtxt. It allows the product to be compatible with many popular CAD systems: Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk 3ds Max, T-FLEX, and others.

Properties of the part material are selected from an integrated database of materials, or specified manually by the user. The dependence of heat capacity, thermal conductivity and density on temperature, and thermokinetic diagram of phase transformations are determined for each material in the database.

Parameters of quenching mode, taken into account during simulation, are the heating and cooling rates, which are computed on the basis of a user-defined medium of heating and cooling.

The software allows for analyzing model results of generated fields: temperature, phase structure, hardness, stress, and deformation. The results of color field distributions are displayed in three-dimensional view in dynamics, with the possibility of arbitrary cross-section of the part. The user has the option to build diagrams of temperature changes, phase structure, stress strain, and deformation in time at an arbitrary point of the part.

Advantages of the software

  • It is developed on the basis of modern scientific achievements in the field of mathematical simulation of heat transfer and phase transformation processes;
  • It is a specialized solution, taking into account the technological processes of quenching and the customer’s production
  • It allows one to perform simulation in order to identify the most efficient modes of the technological process;
  • It allows one to determine, with the help of different approximation approaches, the required properties of the material with an arbitrary chemical structure based on available information about the properties of other materials with a close chemical structure;
  • It is fitted with an intuitive user interface.
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