EcoView software implements computer simulation of heat and moisture transfer in the soil and distribution of pollutants in the environment for further minimization of the environmental risks.

On the basis of user-defined geometry of simulation area and physical properties of soil, the software computes the following items:

  • temperature distribution
  • distribution of moisture content
  • fluid and water vapor pressure
  • moisture rate of motion
  • concentration of soluble and adsorbed substances

User is able to create materials of soil horizons, to define their capacity and characteristics, and to set temporal variation of the meteorological conditions. A materials database contains hydrological and thermophysical properties of soils determined by granulometric composition, physical and chemical characteristics of soils, acidity, humidity and organic substances content.


Software is essential for solving the following applications:

  • risk assessment of groundwater contamination by toxic substances, including petrochemicals
  • analysis of petrochemical, pesticides and other pollutants ingress into water systems due to the surface run-off
  • prediction of environmental consequences from measures taken for the regulation of pollutant transfer in soil
  • analysis of the formation regularity of an irrigated soil water-salt state
  • assessment of heavy metals and other toxic substances ingress into plants
  • long-term prediction of various pollutants migration in soils, what provides support in decision-making while assessing potential environmental risks


EcoView unifies:

  • CAD/CAM technologies for 2D-3D site building (including reservoir, rivers, land buildings)
  • GIS technologies for maps building and snapping, recognizing 3D, spatial data analyzing
  • Numerical methods for the heat-mass-water transport simulations
  • Artificial intelligence for fast-performance models building, hybridization/adaptation approaches application, user steps automation and modeling results calibration
  • Well-known model MODFLOW (for groundwater modeling) and developed femHWStransport model (Finite Element Method Heat Water Solute transport)

Target Markets

  • Oil, gas, chemical companies that could cause a hazardous environment pollution source.
  • Other heavy industrial manufactories that also could have gas/fluid/solid contaminant emission. In many cases such emission pollutes the land then the soil should be investigated and estimated for pollution rate.
  • Power plants – thermal and nuclear. This industry has too dangerous activity for the environment. Every power plant has the procedure of pollution estimation.
  • Government or private controlling units that are responsible for nature-conservative inspection. Such companies investigate pollution rates from hazardous enterprises and take appropriate measures in the case of exceeding allowed pollution rate.
  • Companies engaged in sites remediation activities. These companies investigate contamination rate of soil, and after remediation it is necessary to estimate the final soil quality.
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