Computer Simulation for Oil & Gas Engeneering

Simmakers Ltd offers the following services in computer simulation areas:

  • Simulation of soil freezing in complicated hydrogeological conditions
  • Analysis of stress-strain state in pipelines operating under pressure
  • Risk assessment of damage and leaks during pipeline transportation of multiphase hydrocarbons
  • Assessment and minimization of temperature and humidity influence on the degradation of protective coatings and oil and gas pipeline corrosion
  • Simulation of various emergency scenarios related to the transportation or storage of petroleum and natural gas
  • Assessment of the contamination of soil, groundwater, and surface water in case of oil and petroleum product spills
  • Prediction of the development state of oil and gas fields
  • Creation of geological and hydrodynamic models of oil and gas deposits
  • Modeling the multiphase flow of hydrocarbons in deposit layers

You can extract oil once, but simulate this process many times.

Development of Software Tools for the Oil and Gas Industry

We provide the following services in this area:

  1. The development of geographic information systems in the objectives of field development
  2. 3D visualization tools for geological and hydrodynamic models of oil and gas fields
  3. Software solutions for collection, organization, analysis, and production of data conversion
  4. Development of algorithms for numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation in porous and elastic media
  5. Inverse problem solution to determine rock properties: permeability, porosity

During the software development process we provide:

  • Mathematical model development
  • Software implementation of numerical methods
  • Optimization problem solving
  • Parallelization of numerical algorithms to accelerate computation
We use an individual approach for each client; we develop mathematical models and user interfaces according to the customer’s needs. More about simulation software development.