Topicality of Computer Simulation in the Construction Industry


One of the competitiveness increase methods in the construction industry is to reduce the costs of construction and maintenance without loss of reliability. Until quite recently, optimal design solutions were based on the simplified engineering methods of structural analysis that do not require complex computations. Simplified methods are based on analytical expressions that do not describe complex processes accurately. The use of such simplified computation leads to the application of excessive safety factors and, consequently, to unreasonable price increase. It is important to note that for many construction tasks the simplified computation methods cannot be used at all.

Currently the computer simulation based on complex models of environment becomes increasingly widespread in the construction engineering. Computations exploit numerical methods of solving the differential equations. Such an approach yields a very realistic result that helps to optimize the structure design and significantly reduce production costs.

Simmakers Services in the Construction Industry


With a decade of experience in geotechnical calculations, Simmakers offers the following services in construction engineering:

  • Ground settlement calculation beneath the foundations of buildings and structures, pipelines, roads and railways
  • Strength calculations of underground and buried parts of buildings and structures, taking into account their interaction with soil
  • Stress–strain analysis: foundations, reinforced concrete and metal structures
  • Stability computation of slopes and side slopes, as well as supporting and retaining walls
  • Bearing capacity calculation of bases, foundations and piles
  • Simulation of the construction influence on ground settlement, and deformation of existing buildings and structures
  • Simulation of groundwater level dynamics, filtration velocities and other hydrogeological conditions

These calculations allow you to quickly and accurately prepare geotechnical design solution of any complexity.

Software Development Services

Along with prediction calculations, Simmakers offers software development in the construction industry of any complexity with the use of modern computer technology.

We use an individual approach for each client; we develop mathematical models and user interfaces according to the customer’s needs. More about simulation software development.