Software for Modeling and Simulation of Permafrost Processes

FSA-prognoz is a software for modeling and simulation of permafrost processes, custom developed for the company Fundamentstroyarkos. FSA-prognoz is our company’s first simulation software development for permafrost thermal stabilization. The FSA-prognoz numerical solver (developed in 2012) is based on ten years’ experience accumulated by our company in the numerical simulation of heat-and-mass transfer in the ground.

Software features:

  • The software constructs three-dimensional computational domains considering terrain and soil structure;
    it takes into account:
  • Unfrozen water content in the ground and water-ice phase transition;
  • Convective heat transfer and constant water flow velocity in the soil;
  • Influence of snow cover thickness;
  • Operation of cooling devices – heat pipes, depth cooling units, Flat Loop & Hybrid Flat Loop TF;
  • Influence of external thermal effects – sun or gas flare.

FSA-prognoz carried out long-term predictions of permafrost conditions at the bases of buildings and structures to reflect changes in a variety of factors, such as technological impact of climate change and environmental conditions.

Specification of boundary conditions with FSA-prognoz

Element discretization

Boundary conditions

FSA-prognoz: simulation results

Technical information


The FSA-prognoz mathematical solver is based on the numerical solution of the heat equation using the finite element method and is implemented in C ++. FSA-prognoz is designed for 32-bit architecture and executes on one CPU’s core.

Developments on this scale normally take at least five years, so to significantly accelerate the FSA-prognoz development program, we used the patented software framework – Simmakers CAE Platform: an environment designed to create software systems to perform numerical modeling (simulation) of various physical and technological processes and the corresponding three-dimensional visualization.