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About Simmakers

Simmakers Ltd develops high-tech software and provides services in the field of computer simulation of physical and technological processes aimed at increasing economic efficiency and competitiveness of the business of our partners.

We have been developing science-intensive software since 2001. In this time, employees of the company have implemented projects in various fields including engineering, machinery construction, geology and the environment.

Simmakers Ltd is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

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Mathematical Modeling

Implementation of mathematical modeling methods in engineering and manufacturing reduces the number of prototypes and their testing. While forecasting activity and risk assessment in economics and environmental science requires mathematical modeling. Furthermore, software implementation of any deterministic or stochastic model requires the use of computational methods.

The main focus area of our company is algorithm development and software implementation of the various computational mathematical methods, which are the following:

multivariate conditional and unconditional optimization
numerical solutions of partial differential equations
numerical integration and differentiation

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Simulation Software Development

We offer the development of new solutions and the improvement and optimization of existing applications in the fields of mathematics, physics, mechanics, statistics, and finance.

We have extensive work on the formation and development of information systems that integrate, store, edit, analyze, and display geographic information.

The use of mapping technologies, remote sensing, topography, aerial photography, photogrammetry, mathematics, and geography allow us to create GIS / GPS applications for our clients’ needs.

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Physical Processes Simulation

When solving problems in engineering, manufacturing and environmental sciences, it is necessary to carry out computer simulation of physical processes. In this area our company specializes in the use of mathematical modeling for analysis and research work.

Examples of our mathematical models include:

Processes of liquid and gas flow in different media
Stress-strain state of various products and constructions
Processes of diffusion and heat exchange in solid and porous media
Electromagnetic and acoustic wave propagation in various media

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Oil & Gas Software

Development of software tools for specific tasks in oil and gas industry.

We strive to offer our clients the software tools they need to complete their objectives in the oil and gas industry. To reach these objectives we have provided the following services:

The development of geographic information systems in the objectives of field development
3D visualization tools for geological and hydrodynamic models of oil and gas fields
Software solutions for collection, organization, analysis and production of data conversion
Development of algorithms for numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation in porous and elastic media

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3D Application Development

We develop 2D/3D graphic applications and engines using the following technologies and frameworks: DirectX, OpenGL, WPF 3D; PhysX, Havok.

Using С/C++, C#, Assembler, FORTRAN and Shader languages in conjunction with graphic technologies and architectures (i.e. CUDA, OpenCL) makes it possible to develop high-powered solutions for real-time geometry analysis, approximation and interpolation of surfaces.

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Software Development

With highly professional competence and best practices in software development, computer graphics and data processing, Simmakers specialists are eager to assist you in creating and providing support for almost any kind of software.

Computer Simulation

When solving problems in engineering, manufacturing and environmental sciences, it is necessary to carry out computer simulation of physical processes. In this area our company specializes in the use of mathematical modeling for analysis and research.

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Our support has been a key factor in the success of our products, not just because users love responsive support, but because we have used what we have learned from users to improve our work.

World Leader in ground freezing simulation

Frost 3D Universal software allows you to develop scientific models of permafrost thermal regimes under the thermal influence of pipelines, production wells, hydraulic constructions etc., taking into account the thermal stabilization of the ground. The software package is based on ten years’ experience in the field of programming, computational geometry, numerical methods, 3D visualization and parallelization of computational algorithms.

Easy to use intuitive interface with clear procedures

Frost 3D Universal complies with international standards.

Different ways to get and analyse the results