Yuri Shprits’ Project Awarded EU Innovation Grant

Sep 22, 2014

The EU commission Horizon 2020 has been awarded to a team led by Managing Partner of Simmakers Ltd, Professor Yuri Shprits. The project is scheduled for implementation within 3 years.

Professor Yuri Shprits and his team of researchers are working on the creation of new services for high accuracy space weather forecasting (based on moving electron streams and radiation belts). The aim is to develop methods for more precise geomagnetic indices forecasting. The research is based on numerical methods and modern computer simulations that allow satellites to behave as navigators.

More about innovation program PROGRESS.

Earlier comments by Yuri Shprits regarding Simmakers’ numerical methods:

“Some of the numerical methods used by Simmakers are similar to what we use for the computation of radiation in the near-Earth space environment. In many aspects, Simmakers is ahead of the scientific community as it is already using multiple GPUs which can perform fast simultaneous operations and consequently accelerate the solution of the numerical problems.”