Simmakers Ltd Participation at the Solit-2014 IT-Conference

Mar 10, 2014

The IV Regional IT conference Solit-2014

Simmakers seminar at the IV Regional Conference Solit, held on March 1-2, 2014.

IT-experts from Belarus, Russia and the Netherlands attented Solit-2014 to share best practices and discuss new trends both in the area of software development and the IT-industry in general.

The conference was organized into 3 simultaneous sessions 1) seminars, connected with programming (software design and development, IT project management); 2) talks, devoted to IT topics in general (marketing, promotion, SEO, sales, e-learning); 3) talks and events with a semi-IT focus (psychology of management, IT and healthy lifestyle, genetics, physics, etc.).

Simmakers was invited to give talks on the following topics:

  • “Software Development for Simulation of Filtration Processes in Ground Freezing”. This report centered on the methodology for creating software for the numerical simulation of physical processes. It contained an analysis of the difficulties that specialists are confronted with, including the limited amount of provided and computational performance. Some special features relating to the development of such software solutions were illustrated using the exemplary Frost 3D Universal software, which can also simulate filtration processes in ground freezing.
  • “Advanced Graphics Technologies for Creating 3D Effects in Movies and Animations”. This report highlighted the potential of modern computer graphics in movie making. Technical nuances comparing the implementation of similar applications and current industry demands were demonstrated in the example development of a graphics application for the generation of special effects in movie.
  • “Market of Engineering Analysis Software”. The report analyzed computer modeling and engineering analysis software market. It highlighted such important aspects as market volume, key vendors and consumers of software, as well as market development trends. Several industry examples  and competing software solutions used in heat treatment and construction in severe conditions were also considered.