International Conference “Permafrost in XXI Century: Basic and Applied Researches”

Oct 05, 2015

The international conference “Permafrost in XXI Сentury: Basic and Applied Researches” was held on 27-30 Sept. 2015 in Pushchino, at the Institute of Physicoсhemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science RAS. The main topics of the conference were the following issues and research trends: “Permafrost Response to Climat Change”, “Permafrost Engineering and Hazards”, “Hydrology and Hydrogeology of Permafrost”, “Geophysical and Remote Sensing Data in Permafrost Investigations” and others.

Permafrost in XXI Century: Basic and Applied Researches

Foresight session dedicated to 10-th PYRN (the Permafrost Young Researchers Network) Anniversary was held as a part of the conference.

Simmakers Ltd. participated in the conference and our lead specialist Vladimir Gordiychuk gave a presentation on the topic “Computer Simulation of Permafrost Thermal Regime under the Thermal Influence of Engineering Constructions” during the Permafrost Engineering session.