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International Conference “Permafrost in XXI Century: Basic and Applied Researches”

Oct 05, 2015

The international conference “Permafrost in XXI Сentury: Basic and Applied Researches” was held on 27-30 Sept. 2015 in Pushchino, at the Institute of Physicoсhemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science RAS. The main topics of the conference were the following issues and research trends: “Permafrost Response to Climat Change”, “Permafrost Engineering and Hazards”, “Hydrology and Hydrogeology of Permafrost”, “Geophysical and Remote Sensing Data in Permafrost Investigations” and others.


Computer Modeling of Environmental Problems in the Oil and Gas Industry

Dec 27, 2013

The Russian scientific and technical journal, “Neft. Gaz. Novatsii” (Oil. Gas. Innovations), published the article: “Computer Modeling of Environmental Problems in the Oil and Gas Industry” (#10/2013), prepared by Simmakers Ltd.

Simmakers Ltd representatives I.A. Gishkelyuk, D.V. Evlanov, and V.I. Kovalenko, published the article which analyzes the use of computer simulation methods for solving environmental problems. It also describes the creation of a computer model which forecasts the effusion of petrochemicals from an environmentally hazardous object into groundwater in two cases: 1) during normal operation; 2) in an emergency situation.


Application of CUDA Technology in Computer Simulation of Heat Processes

Dec 02, 2013

Today, the computation of thermal fields is highly sought for solving a large number of applied problems. They include simulation of heat treatment processes, welding, temperature conditions of machine-building constructions and electronic devices, ground freezing and thawing, and more. The computation of thermal fields is generally a nonlinear problem as the thermophysical properties of materials depend on temperature. The problem also becomes significantly more complex when phase transitions take place, as these phenomena involve abrupt changes in the thermal properties of the material and the release (or absorption) of heat. Computer simulation of all these processes is based on the numerical solution of the heat equation, i.e. differential equation in partial derivatives.


The Fourth Oil and Gas Conference “Ecosecurity – 2013”

Apr 29, 2013

Simmakers took part in the Fourth Oil and Gas conference “Ecosecurity – 2013”, which was held on April 23, 2013 in Moscow. The report “Computer simulation for solving environmental problems in oil and gas industry” was represented to the public.

Representatives of Russian and CIS companies and scientific organizations took part in the conference. Among them were Concern “Belneftekhim”, VNIPIneft, Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, Gazprom gaznadzor, Gazprom Dobycha Shelf, Gazpromdevelopment, Tatoilgas, etc.

Ecosecurity-2013 Computer simulation for solving environmental problems in oil and gas industry

Regional IT-Conference SolIT-2013

Feb 01, 2013

Simmakers with 3 presentations took part in the Regional IT-conference SolIT 2013, which was held on January 26-27 in Soligorsk. Representatives of Russian, Belarus, German, US and UK companies participated in this event. Simmakers had invited technical specialists of such companies as “Belaruskali”, “Trest Shakhtospecstroy” and “Soligorsk Institute for Problems of Resource’s Saving with Experienced Production” to hear the presentations.

The contents of the presentations are the following:

“Computer simulation and scientific software development”. IT section. The use of computer simulation to improve product quality, manufacturing efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprise. Technological and physical processes simulation in the following areas: machinery construction, environment, mining industry. The process of scientific software development by example of creating software for simulation of heat and moisture transfer in soil under the influence of thermal load of buildings, constructions and cooling devices.


Article in journal “Industrial ecology”

May 18, 2012

Computer simulation is becoming more widely used for predicting the effects of industrial objects on the environment.

I.А. Gishkeluk, D.V. Еvlanov, V.I. Kovalenko

Simmakers Ltd.

Computer simulation for environmental problems solving in oil and gas industry