The First Certified «Frost 3D Universal» Training Center Opens in Russia

Mar 02, 2018

On February 16, 2018 the Certified «Frost 3D Universal» training center opened in Tomsk on the basis of design center «TomskNIPIneft». JSC «TomskNIPIneft» is a corporate center of OJSC «Rosneft» and specializes on design of objects of oil and gas field ground infrastructure in the distribution of permafrost. The Certified «Frost 3D Universal» training center provides training and qualification-upgrading not only for «TomskNIPIneft» employees but also for the employees of other corporate centers of «Rosneft» as well as for external organizations.


The developers of «Frost 3D Universal» carried out accreditation of «TomskNIPIneft» training center  and certification of trainers.

The advantages of training in «TomskNIPIneft»:

1. The trainers from «TomskNIPIneft» are the most experienced users as «TomskNIPIneft» is the first user of «Frost 3D Universal» software.

2. During the last 4 years the trainers from «TomskNIPIneft» have completed five qualification-upgrading courses from the developers of «Frost 3D Universal» including courses for advanced users and advanced course «Frost 3D Universal for trainers».

3. The location of the Certified center of training in the Russian Federation – there’s no need in “foreign” business trips to the Republic of Belarus.

4. The trainers from «TomskNIPIneft» have great experience in design of wide variety of objects in permafrost so during the training the users also learn how to make design solutions taking into account forecast simulation.

Contacts: JSC «TomskNIPIneft», industrial engineering management, engineering department №2, +7-382-261-18-00 ( 23-61).