Belarusian Exhibition TIBO

May 15, 2012

Each year the international exhibition attracts the largest IT and telecommunication companies, software production leaders and communications services operators of the country and the world.

The largest exhibition of this kind includes the latest products and services in the field of telecommunication, information and banking technology and security. This year the focus of attention of the International Forum TIBO 2009 is the latest information technology solutions and their effective deployment, telecommunication infrastructure and services market development, e-governance, a competitive knowledge economy projects.

During the specialized exhibitions, seminars and press conferences the latest telecommunication, IT and banking technology tendencies and solutions, which help to create a competitive and resource-efficient economy, were introduced.

Over 220 companies from 15 countries participated in the exhibition this year. Among the participants were such world-famous companies as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and others.


Simmakers on Tibo 2009

Representing EcoView software
Front stand
Heads' smiles