FAQ for the New Version of Frost 3D Universal Software

Jun 12, 2014

After releasing the article “Thermal analysis of a lengthy section of a gas pipeline on permafrost” on our blog, we received questions from users, concerning the latest version of Frost 3D Universal software.

We would like to reiterate that the new 64-bit GPU version of Frost 3D Universal software was released in May, 2014. In this version, technological innovations were implemented which enabled the computation of computational meshes as large as 100 million nodes on a PC. The simulation model was demonstrated with the thermal analysis of a long section of pipeline lying on permafrost, with a mesh consisting of 58.5 million nodes.

In this post, we show the most frequently asked questions concerning the functionality of the updated version of Frost 3D software. In particular, our users received answers to the following questions:


– What is the purpose of creating computational domains, discretized by a large number of nodes?

– Is it possible to conduct the same computations in older versions of the software?

– Why it is impossible to conduct the same computations in other well-known finite-element analysis software?

– etc.

FAQ read here.