“Oil and gas-2012” Exhibition

Jul 05, 2012

On June 25-29 2012 in Moscow was held “Oil and gas 2012” Exhibition , which was the hugest exhibition of Russian oil and gas complex and corresponded to the world-class event. Special attention was focused on geological and geophysical research, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields, construction of wells, oil refining and petrochemicals, information and software development, research and project development, environment and environmental monitoring.

About 1000 companies from Russia, China, CIS countries, Europe, USA took part in this exhibition. Attention in IT sphere was taken to such subjects as:
– energy-efficient technologies;
– technologies of exploration and oil production, refining and transportation;
– environmentally friendly technology to improve oil and gas recovery of wells by plasma-impulsive action;
– systems of-optimal and statistical microseismic monitoring, stimulation of oil and gas production;
– hydrodynamic modeling of oil and gas fields;
– software for geological studies of samples based on computer-aided tomography, digital calculations of samples properties, simulation of enhanced oil recovery methods;
– software for the design of process installation and pipelines on the designed or reconstructed objects.

Also as the part of “Oil and gas 2012” Exhibition The 3rd International conference on topical issues of innovative development of oil and gas industry “Enercon-2012” was held. More than 400 companies from all over the world attended this conference. The main attention was focused on the following subjects:
– the defining role of government in reproductiont of oil and gas production material base;
– innovative development and introduction of modern methods of enhanced oil recovery;
– modernization of oil and gas industry, innovation and simulation;
– oil-field geology and geophysics;
– exploration and oil and gas fields development.

Simmakers’ specialists participated in the section “Oil-field geology and geophysics”, where presentations on current subjects such as “Software for oil and gas industry (geology and geophysics)”,“Software for geological modeling of resource calculation”, “Computer simulation of search, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields”, “Stochastic technology of geological risks assessment by using seismic data” and other were presented.