Frost 3D Universal Versions and Hardware Comparison

Sep 08, 2014

There are 4 versions of Frost 3D Universal:

  • 32-bit, single core CPU
  • 64-bit, single core CPU
  • 64-bit, multicore CPU
  • 64-bit, multicore GPU


The main differences between versions are the speed of the mathematical solver and the number of cells for model discretization.

Frost 3D Universal Versions And Hardware Comparison

The speed of numerical computation depends on the computer configuration (number of CPU cores), and video card performance (GPU versions of software).

As a result, the question “Which version of Frost 3D Universal could fulfil users requirements?” often arises.

The Frost 3D Universal modeling overview will help you choose the most appropriate version of the software. Different hardware was used: single-core processor / 4-core processor, low cost video card / powerful accelerators from Nvidia.

For more information regarding Frost 3D Universal, read our overview.