Frost 3D Universal Updates History for the 2014 4th Quarter

Feb 19, 2015

The list of updates, changes and corrections made to Frost 3D Universal versions 3.0.x.x and 4.0.x.x for the period from 1st October to 31st December 2014.

The updates were applied to the following modules:

  • 2D Editor
  • 3D Editor
  • GUI
  • Filtration Module
  • Application Settings
  • Postprocessor
  • Library

Date Version Module Description
12.29.2014 3.0.x.x 3D Editor Created new loaders of imported geometries (such as borehole and thermal insulation created in third-party software packages). If compare to old loaders it allows downloading imported geometry, decorations, construction projects much faster.
12.26.2014 3.0.x.x Solver Added entered data validation in the “Mesh Parameter Estimates”.
12.24.2014 3.0.x.x Postprocessor Fixed bug of syncing the minimum and maximum scale value in postprocessor.
12.22.2014 3.0.x.x Solver

Excluded processing the objects without geometrical information during meshing. Previously, such objects were involved in the mesh generation that could result in bugs when determining objects enclosure.

12.19.2014 3.0.x.x Solver

Modified the methods of collection complex 3D objects statistical data.

12.17.2014 3.0.x.x Application Settings Mesher log file moved to the project logs directory and is not removed after meshing completion.
12.17.2014 3.0.x.x GUI Implemented the capability to cancel all changes you made (3D Editor, mesh, postprocessor settings).
12.15.2014 3.0.x.x GUI Adjusted the behavior of application window minimization button. In some window positions, the click on the button did not minimize applications to the taskbar.
12.15.2014 3.0.x.x Postprocessor Changed the video settings window. Added flickering notification of being in the video capture area selection mode. 
12.12.2014 3.0.x.x 2D Editor Adjusted mechanism of cleaning the user’s actions list (from the previous project) when creating new project in the 2D Editor (Undo/Redo).
12.08.2014 3.0.x.x 3D Editor In 3D Editor, removing all elements also deletes images.
12.05.2014 3.0.x.x 3D Editor Extended reading the imported geometry in OBJ format: enabled one texture loading.
12.04.2014 3.0.x.x 3D Editor Accelerated imported geometry loading in OBJ format of background scenes mode. Added extra post-processing of loaded geometry to reduce further normals computations.
12.01.2014 3.0.x.x GUI Changed axes labels for calculation of heat transfer parameters.
11.27.2014 3.0.x.x GUI Added borehole depth displaying in the tool for setting borehole layer capacity.
11.24.2014 3.0.x.x GUI

Added the ability to consider snow cover in boundary condition of Stefan-Boltzmann’s heat transfer.

11.21.2014 4.0.x.x Filtration Module

Improved convergence of method for system of linear algebraic equations used to find filtration velocity.

This reduces computational error when solving Darcy’s equation that describes filtration of unfrozen groundwater.

11.17.2014 4.0.x.x 3D Editor Improved cell faces selection in mesh mode. Now there is no faces selection in atmosphere and within material.
11.07.2014 4.0.x.x Library Expanded library of materials and objects. Added ability to specify the temperature distribution using temperature-logging borehole.
11.07.2014 4.0.x.x GUI Editor GUI optimization. Added sync of selected elements in main editor and in the list of geology editor.
11.06.2014 4.0.x.x 3D Reconstruction Added visualization of layer boundaries at sections after geology reconstruction.
11.05.2014 4.0.x.x Library Added settlement calculation settings. Extended material parameters.
10.31.2014 4.0.x.x Editors Added 3D interpolation of materials temperature based on temperature-logging borehole (when running the solver).
10.29.2014 4.0.x.x Editors

Extended the functionality of displaying the calculation results. Added the option to save each iteration into the separate file when recording the video.

10.29.2014 4.0.x.x Editors Extended the functionality of displaying the calculation results. Added iteration images auto saving to file.
10.27.2014 3.0.x.x Solver Solver speed optimization. Now saving iteration files and computing are separated into multiple threads.
10.23.2014 4.0.x.x 3D Editor Added 3D visualization of geology reconstruction results based on data in new format.
10.23.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Implemented new name generation mechanism for new object. 
10.20.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Launched 3D geometry generation based on 2D data of new format.
10.20.2014 4.0.x.x Library Added settlement calculation settings. Extended material parameters.
10.16.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Implemented material adding, borehole creation, layer setting.
10.16.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Implemented ability to set for each borehole different number of layers and different materials.
10.14.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Changed 2D Editor elements display. Tree control is now used instead of list.
10.14.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Added capability to build new 2D geometric shapes (circle, rectangle).
10.13.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Added capability to set 2D point style (circle, square, etc.).
10.10.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Optimization of 2D primitive rendering (line, point).
10.09.2014 4.0.x.x 2D Editor Optimized 2D visual data processing. In particular, started work on new implementation of 2D engine basic functions.
10.09.2014 3.0.x.x 2D Editor Fixed point snapping highlight in 2D Editor for some unusual cases.
10.07.2014 4.0.x.x 3D Editor Increased Frost 3D Universal stability when loading external 3D models due to normals-computation module improvement.
10.06.2014 3.0.x.x 2D Editor Improved adding a point to polyline in 2D editor. In old version it was not possible to add a point to polyline with large number of points.
10.03.2014 3.0.x.x 2D Editor Added validation of user input of borehole layer capacity.
10.01.2014 3.0.x.x 2D Editor Fixed rotation frame in 2D Editor.