Analysis of Foundation Deformation and Subsidence

Jan 19, 2015

The R&D Department of Simmakers Ltd. has introduced an article on the computer simulation of foundation deformation. The approach is based on numerical solution of the stationary differential equation in partial derivatives. This method allows you to predict the behavior of foundation and soils, taking elasticity and boundary conditions into account, enabling accurate simulation of subsidence.

In an already published article, we consider the main types of foundations on subsiding soils: the case when foundation is fastened to the raft and the case when the foundation slab rests on the ground surface or piles.

The article demonstrates the application of numerical simulation for the evaluation of non-uniform deflection of foundation slabs under various loads with specific load-bearing pile arrangements. The same approach can be also used to calculate the deformation of foundation slabs on subsiding permafrost due to thawing.

Find out more about the analysis of foundation deformation and subsidence here.