Physical Processes Simulation

Finite element analysis


Finite element analysis is a numerical method for solving mathematical problems, describing physical system states of complex structures.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Substances mixing

CFD is a computational technology that models the dynamics of liquids and gases. CFD allows the construction of a virtual model of a process or device. The partition of the elements makes it possible to find direct solutions to basic equations, which are formulated by means of physical and chemical mechanisms specific to these processes.
We specialize in fluids and solids mixing, such as concrete batching modeling.


Modeling of convectional, radiation and electromagnetic material heating


Laser heating

Material heating is applied to many technological processes. Application of computer simulation in this field allows the identification of parameters in the heating process, which will help to provide the prescribed temperature distribution at the lowest energy consumption.

Modeling of non-isothermic moisture transfer


Simulation and numerical analysis of non-isothermic moisture transfer and other liquids in porous media during various technological processes.


If your company needs simulation and numerical analysis of non-isothermic moisture transport and other fluids in porous media during various manufacturing processes, our experts will give you indispensable help with this.


Modeling of chromatography process


Computer modeling reduces the time required to optimize the separation of components during the process of chromatography.