Software for modeling

Software for modeling


Software development for different types of modeling: discrete, analog, mixed, mathematical. The main spheres of simulation and modeling:


Physical processes


• hydrodinamics

• rigid body mechanics

• stress-strain processes

• multi-phase transformations in liquids, metals and composite materials

• electrodynamics

Physical processes

Technological processes


• thermal treatment

• quenching

• laser, plasma, induction, convective heating

• plazma dynamics

• ultrasonic processing

Technological processes

Construction engineering


• moisture distribution in building constructions

• air movement in buildings

• computation of building constructions

• oil refining simulation

• main channels simulation

Building engineering

Ecology and the environment


Heat, moisture, mass transfer in:

• the upper layers of soil, vadose zone and deeper to the natural deposits

• rivers, lakes, bays, seas

Ecology and environment