Мesh generations

Various mesh techniques could be applied:


  • Delaunay triangulation and constrained Delaunay triangulation;
  • Optimal triangulation, such as Delaunay, min-max angle, and minimum weight triangulation;
  • Contouring algorithms for isosurfaces;
  • Curve and surface reconstruction from point sets;
  • Parameterization, simplification, and editing of surface meshes;
  • Quadrilateral, hexahedral, pyramidal, wedge, tetrahedral and mixed mesh element generations;
  • Unstructured or multi-domain mesh generation;
  • Refinement and coarsening of simplicial meshes;
  • Triangular and tetrahedral mesh generation techniques: Delaunay-based, grid-based, octree-based, and advancing front;
  • Mesh improvement: vertex smoothing and element transformations;
  • Geometric primitives and numerical robustness;
  • Interpolation, including barycentric and mean value coordinates.
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