Webinars on Thermal Analysis in Frost 3D Universal Software Package

Dec 22, 2015

Within training courses and guidance “Introduction to Frost 3D Universal Basics” Simmakers Ltd. conducting webinars devoted to computer simulation of temperature range of permafrost.

Simmakers Webinars

Webinar topics:

1) Design of tunnels, mines, dams, and roads on permafrost.
2) Design of above/under ground pipelines, transmission towers and production wells in the permafrost areas.
3) Thermostabilized tank basement, buildings, constructions with vented crawl space, and pile foundations.
4) Interaction between group of buildings and related infrastructure.

Also it is possible to customize webinar program, in order to align with your team and organizational goals.

The first webinar was held on November 28, 2015 for the community of Geotechnical Engineering, Tunnels and Underground.

For recorded webinars please visit our YouTube channel.

To register in upcoming FREE webinar please send application on our e-mail address

In your e-mail, please include the following info:
1. First and last name;
2. Company, position and occupation;
3. Telephone number and e-mail address.

Moreover, in advance, it is possible to ask our technical experts some questions you would like to hear during the web conference. You are welcome to join our webinars!