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Frost 3D Universal Upgrade: New Product Line in 2018

Jan 31, 2018

In 2018 we are launching the new commerce Frost 3D Universal software product line. We took into account the heightened interest of educational institutions, academic communities, R&D centers and small engineering companies, and now Frost 3D Universal will become more affordable for users.

The new product line is also optimized with respect to its functional features considering the software usage statistics during the past 3 years and aimed to satisfy more users with regard to price/functional features ratio. The special bonus is that all the versions will include Filtration plugin.


Nvidia Tesla K20 vs Intel Core i7: Speed Comparison

Jan 24, 2014

Simmakers Ltd, together with Nvidia and Forsite have tested the speed of a GPU version of the Frost 3D Universal software package for solving heat transfer problems on the Nvidia Tesla K20 system. The results have exceeded all expectations — the computation for an ice wall around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was completed in under 6 minutes.

In order to carry out a detailed comparison of the computational speeds on systems with different configurations, Simmakers prepared special tests that included the following model dimensions:

1) 1 million cells (100x100x100);

2) 3.4 million cells (150x150x150);

3) 8 million cells (200x200x200);

4) 15.6 million cells (250x250x250);

5) 27 million cells (300x300x300);

6) 42.9 million cells (350x350x350);

7) 64 million cells (400x400x400);

8) 91 million cells (450x450x450).