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The software is required during the designing of:


  • Overhead and underground pipelines
  • Highways and railways
  • Foundations and footings
  • Insulation of buildings and constructions
  • Insulated pipes and heating systems
  • Tunnels and mines
  • Transmission towers
  • Dams, embankments and bridges
  • Mathematical models are published
    in various scientific journals
  • Approved at the World Congress
    on Engineering 2013

Latest Update:

08.24.2016 — Updated the Cross Section Editor. Added the list of layer boundaries and points of selected layer boundaries.

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Computer simulation conducted by experts at the design stage can reduce costs by up to 70% during construction and operation of buildings, and reduce the risk of accidents by up to 90%.

By working with us you gain access to organization with international experience.



Pipeline on Permafrost

Lengthy Section of a Pipeline

Oil and Gas Facilities

Tunnel Building


Hydraulic Structures

Deep Foundation

Oil Well

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This software package is superior to all analogous solutions, not only on the Russian market, but the entire international arena.

D.G. Dolgikh
Deputy CEO
Fundamentstroyarkos RPA Ltd, Russia


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System Requirements

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Toolkit: .NET Framework 3.5
CPU: Intel core i7 (release after 2011)
RAM: 8 Gb
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 600+ series, GDDR5 1Gb
HDD: 500 MB free space
Access to the Internet

Examples of Computations


Frost 3D Universal on conferences: Our company:
Challenges in the Design and Construction of Oil and Gas Fields. Tomsk 2016 About Us
Prediction of thermal impact of gas transmission systems on permafrost. Moscow 2015 Board of Directors
Computer simulation of permafrost thermal regime. Pushchino 2015 Clients
3D Simulation of Ground Thermal Regime in Engineering Design. Tyumen 2015 Publications
Computer Simulation Technology for Thermal Processes in Grounds. Moscow 2014 News
Thermal Analysis in the Design of Oil and Gas Facilities in Permafrost Regions. Tyumen 2014  
Software Development for Specific Problems in Oil and Gas Industry. Tyumen 2013  
Computer Simulation of Artificial Ground Freezing. Pushchino 2013  
Frost 3D Universal in press:  
Forecasting of Permafrost Thawing Around an Underground Cross-Country Pipeline
Article «3D simulation of ground thaw bulb formations including ice wedges around the pipeline»
«Journal of Oil and Gas Construction» (№3/2013)
Frost 3D Universal mathematical methods in «Applied and Computational Mathematics» 2013
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