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Yuri Shprits’ Project Awarded EU Innovation Grant

Sep 22, 2014

The EU commission Horizon 2020 has been awarded to a team led by Managing Partner of Simmakers Ltd, Professor Yuri Shprits. The project is scheduled for implementation within 3 years.

Professor Yuri Shprits and his team of researchers are working on the creation of new services for high accuracy space weather forecasting (based on moving electron streams and radiation belts). The aim is to develop methods for more precise geomagnetic indices forecasting. The research is based on numerical methods and modern computer simulations that allow satellites to behave as navigators.

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Calculation of Foundation Settlement on Permafrost Grounds

Sep 17, 2014

Calculation of soil settlement is one of the main tasks of applied computer simulation in construction. This allows the simulation of the settlement of bases and foundations under different maintenance conditions over time, evaluation of the complexity and construction costs, reliability and durability.

In permafrost regions settlement, can be caused not only by structural loads, but also by ground thawing, resulting from the additional pressure of ground transition from frozen to thawed states.

This article describes the method of settlement calculation according to SNIP 2.02.04-88.

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Frost 3D Universal Versions and Hardware Comparison

Sep 08, 2014

There are 4 versions of Frost 3D Universal:

  • 32-bit, single core CPU
  • 64-bit, single core CPU
  • 64-bit, multicore CPU
  • 64-bit, multicore GPU


The main differences between versions are the speed of the mathematical solver and the number of cells for model discretization.

Frost 3D Universal Versions And Hardware Comparison

The speed of numerical computation depends on the computer configuration (number of CPU cores), and video card performance (GPU versions of software).

As a result, the question “Which version of Frost 3D Universal could fulfil users requirements?” often arises.

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Choosing the Appropriate Mesh Type in Frost 3D Universal

Aug 13, 2014

A critical issue in computer simulation is quality of mesh refinement in object discretization. In an already published article “FAQ for the updated version of Frost 3D Universal software”, we discussed why such large computational meshes are important.


In this article we analyze the quality of model discretization. For our example, we used ice layers beneath a 1-km model of an oil pipeline on permafrost. The 3-D model was discretized into various cell quantities using different versions of Frost 3D Universal.

Pipeline discretization with coarse mesh

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Simmakers Active Leisure Time

Jul 31, 2014

In our company, a lot of attention is paid to healthy lifestyles, sport and outdoor activities. That means we’re looking for brand-spanking new ideas and solutions, not only in technical aspects, but also in the field of corporate governance. We believe that the creation of leading high tech solutions is impossible without good spirit, positive attitude and a smile on the faces of our employees.

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Automatic Geological Structure Reconstruction Method

Jul 24, 2014

When creating the geological models in specialized software packages, additional steps are usually necessary. For example, when reconstructing geological layers using borehole data, the grouping of layer segments must be done manually. For sites with large numbers of boreholes and layers, this becomes quite tedious for the user.


In the new method, the assignment of segments to corresponding geological layers is performed automatically. The user can refine the results by specifying additional input parameters besides the borehole data.

Coarse ground structure

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Simulation of the Ground Thaw Formations Around Oil Well

Jul 11, 2014

There is particular danger of thawing and further soil subsidence during oil and gas well operations in permafrost areas. As a result, permafrost thermal regime simulation is important during the design of production wells. Today, Frost 3D Universal software is the most convenient tool for performing such simulations.


Analyzing the relative distribution of unfrozen water content in the cross section of the borehole, we can determine the size of thaw bulbs around wellbores at specific points in time, draw conclusions about the effectiveness of borehole insulation and selected distances between them.


Read the entire article about computer modeling of the thermal influence of boreholes on permafrost with Frost 3D Universal.

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Application of ANSYS for Thermal Analysis of Permafrost Soils. Advantages of Frost 3D Universal

Jun 23, 2014

An engineering company has recently asked Simmakers to comment on the possibility of applying the finite-element package of ANSYS to the problems of ground thawing and thermal stabilization, and to explain the advantages of Frost 3D Universal software when solving such problems. Note that this issue has also been addressed by various specialists in dedicated forums, and conferences.


Mathematicians and experts in the field of thermal analysis and numerical simulation gave comprehensive comments regarding the advantages of Frost 3D Universal over Ansys for computer simulation of ground freezing and thawing problems.

Analysis of the precision and the computational rate of solving for ground freezing in a 10x10x25 meter field in Frost 3D Universal and other FEA packages

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